We deliver quality green strategies and technology
that revolutionize industry and improve global health.

Joseli LLC is a green technology company based in Reno, Nevada in partnership with an international organic agricultural company with over 25 years of producing and marketing organic products for the agricultural, livestock and fisheries industries. Its product lines have gained worldwide reputation for its quality and innovation. The most recent green product that Joseli LLC has developed and introduced to the global market is DustOut which is to aide in dust mitigation and control soil erosion (www.dustoutus.com). All of Joseli LLC products are 100% biodegradable, and many have international organic certification (OMRI, USDA Organic, Bio-Agricert, Control Union World Group). Currently, there are four employees in our US location (aside from our executivces), that include two PhD scientists.

JOSELI LLC champions the effort to provide excellent Green Technology Global Solutions to the world in a way that supports individual, commercial, and governmental organizations and agencies. We strive to deliver quality green strategies and technology that revolutionize industry and improve global health.

At JOSELI LLC, we pride ourselves on providing only the most superior of products, tailored customized services, as well as expert manufacturing representation that opens the door for organizations and companies to adjust and transform their practice, while ensuring production is not affected. We are confident that we can help you enter the green industry by reducing risk, maximizing productivity, and guarantee a true green global environment for the future.

Executives at JOSELI LLC share a common and inspiring vision of providing superior strategic value and products to our esteemed clients. Together, we blend our experience and skills in technology, business, government, and strategic expertise to every detail of our work, with a constant eye to our planet’s health and well being through the Green Technology Industry.


Our Vision

We live by our vision. We envision an environment where we partner with current and future leaders of the world by providing them with broad and creative opportunities to advance and to innovate with the earth’s resources in mind. Together, we can design a specific plan for each partner that allows for collaboration, strategic-thinking, and environmentally focused ideas that support each organization’s individual needs and goals.

Only by working together will we reach our fullest potential, and we are confident that we can help provide the vision and the action necessary to reduce environmental impacts and optimize the use of the earth’s resources. We work relentlessly towards our vision, which is our aim to partner with new organizations to provide proven green technology solutions globally and develop “green” sustainable sources of energy. We are committed to building a cleaner future for all.


Our Mission

We drive towards our mission. Fueled by our vision to partner with you and serve your specific needs by utilizing the most advanced Green Technology Global Solutions in mind, we act with both our client’s needs and our earth’s needs in mind and we act with perseverance, as the challenge to protect our globe is great. At JOSELI LLC, we understand that clean, green technology is taking more and more of an unprecedented place as a global issue on the economy, finance, and energy.

In our sector, we are approaching the onset of an explosion of global proportions in terms of need for innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to problems that are having catastrophic effects on our earth.

We help organizations make the changes necessary to guarantee a healthy future by focusing on changing current infrastructure that depletes non-renewable and non-sustainable energy sources into clean technology. Currently, more than two-thirds of Americans express their belief that it’s time to take global warming seriously; energy innovation is an enormous component in that effort. It is with these facts in mind that we state the components of our mission, as follows:

  • Partner with clients to problem solve for their specific needs
  • Innovate together to develop sustainable practices
  • Act with urgency to protect our natural resources
  • Channel smart ideas into action and use data to track our success
  • Search for eco-solutions and alternatives for current industries
  • Develop new ideas in order to harness the most effective practices into our work
  • Adjust to client needs and take feedback seriously by adjusting to client needs
  • Move global industry forward to create a more ecologically balanced world.