How Do Government Agencies Purchase Green Technology?


Commodities and Equipment:

  • State contracts for common items
  • Statutory bidding requirements
  • 0 to $5,000, no requirements
  • $5,000 to $50,000 two quotes required
  • Over $50,000 advertise and get sealed bids

Computers/Telecommunication Equipment/Services/Software:

  • Information Technology Service Contracts
  • Statutory bidding requirements
  • Department of Information Technology


  • Bidding procedure
  • Mostly using prime contractors
  • Bureau of Building

Professional Services

  • Do not fall under standard purchasing laws
  • Most entities – no competition required


What Type of Agreements are Crafted?


  1. Term Contracts: (Single award or multiple) State contracts, Agency contracts, Single award, Multiple award, Cooperative Purchasing.
  2. Small purchase: Under a set amount ($5,000 depending of the agency) Buying entity decides, Many agencies using Procurement Card.
  3. Quotations: In some states $5,000 to $50,000 requires 2 quotes, written, fax or e-mail. Should be on comparable items.
  4. Sealed Bids: Advertised, Contract Procurement Center. Awarded to low bid meeting specifications.
  5. Request for proposals: Scope of problem, looking for solutions, Award criteria (past experience, plan, price, etc.), Award to best proposal, possibly negotiations, best and final offer, etc.