At JOSELI LLC, we harness our knowledge, skills, and experience to incorporate new and innovative methods and materials that create more environmentally friendly solutions for your company. We desire to change the daily habitual habits of society by incorporating innovative solutions that have a lasting effect on a sustainable future. JOSELI LLC focuses on five main areas, or categories, of expertise: environmental bio-remediation, organic agriculture, sustainable construction, alternative green energy and green technology consulting.

In order for green technology to have an impact on the environment for the long term, the technology must be sustainable and practical. Sustainability refers to the use of new technologies in a way that will not harm the planet. JOSELI LLC partners with companies to provide new ways to use our earth’s natural resources without depleting them. We also ensure that the use of natural resources does not affect the survival of future generations.

We’ve identified that the most important focus of green technology is changing production and waste patterns. This aspect of the technology refers to an “out with the old, in with the new” attitude. This method involves the process of throwing out the old methods of production and waste that harm the environment, while creating new methods that produce the same result, but that also benefit the environment and the living organisms in it. We strive to find innovative and alternative technology from around the world that does not harmfully affect the environment or its people, but that provides solutions that protect our natural resources, while ensuring that our processes meet the production our organizations need to thrive.

Together, we can innovate to provide a cleaner and better environment for future generations.